Guidance for Theater Operation

* All screenings start on time in principle. When entering the theater, we’re required to check temperature and get an electronic check-in via QR code. Please arrive at the theater in advance for a smooth process.
* If you hadn’t entered in time, you can enter the theater after each short film ends.
* Please do not move or re-enter after screening as started.
* Please do not bring food or beverage into theater for everyone’s convenience.
* Taking pictures/videos are prohibited during the screening.
* Please turn off your mobile phones to ensure that all audience members can enjoy the screening.

COVID-19 Prevention Guideline

* You won’t be allowed into the theater, if you’re not wearing masks. Make sure to wear masks in theater.
* Please wear masks during the screening for safety.
* Please keep two-meter distance from others (1m at least) at the box office and entrance of the theater.
* You will be required to get an electronic check-in via QR code or fill out a sign-in sheet. (The information collected will be submitted to the relevant institutions in the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 and will be discarded after 14 days.
* Stickers will be provided to people who have checked in, and those people will only be allowed in the theater.
* Temperature will be checked at the entry, and people with over 37.5 degrees won’t be allowed in.
* Please refrain from visiting the festival if you recently travelled internationally within 14 days or have either a fever of any other respiratory symptoms.
* The theater complies with seat distancing. Please sit only on the seat you’ve reserved.