Cinema Talk
The All-Knowing Viewpoint on the Past, Present and Future of Short Films

INDIESTORY Inc. is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. Through this event, retrospect on the past and examination on the present of short films will provide an outlook on the prospect for the future.
Industry personnel will gather at this event to examine the current trend of short films in comparison to the past, and point out do’s and don’ts of making a short film. Topics including the course of changes in production methods and on-set situations, popular short films throughout the previous years and how they came to earn positive reactions, based on which the prospect for Korean short films will be discussed as well. Furthermore, the question on how to attract attention from film festivals and markets in Korea and overseas and their selection criteria will be dealt with in an open atmosphere by industry personnel specializing in short films, directors, critics and film festival staffs.


18:00 Sunday, November 4th, 2018


Munho Art Hall (3F, Daewoo E&C)


LEE Eun-sun (Film Journalist)


Stanley KWAK (Head of Indiestory Inc.)

LEE Ran-hee (Director)

LEE Han-jong (Director)

MO Eun-young (Programmer of Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival)