Cinema Talk

The First Step of Film Production: Few Questions on How to Write a Script

The most important factor in producing a film lies in the power of ‘story’. This first step is critical since how much a story appeals to audience can decide whether it will be made into a film in the end. In this year’s “Cinema Talk”, the preliminary jury members of competition sections LEE Chun-hyung, LEE So-young, and the preliminary jury member of AISFF Fund Project Pitching, KIM Tae-yong and YOON Ga-eun will get together to talk about the process of writing a script. This event will be a great opportunity to listen to their thoughts and experiences on the hardships of writing a script, what defines a great script and the differences between short and feature scripts.


17:00 Friday, November 1st, 2019


emu CINEMA 1


Kristin JI (Programmer of AISFF)


LEE Chun-hyung (Scriptwriter) 

LEE So-young (Scriptwriter) 

KIM Tae-yong (Director) 

YOON Ga-eun (Director)