CHOI Dong-hoon
President of Jury

He made his feature directorial debut with The Big Swindle in 2004 when heist genre was never fully tapped in Korean cinema. His second feature Tazza: The High Rollers recorded 6.8 million admissions and despite being an R-rated film. In 2009, he made the first superhero film in Korea with Woochi, and he returned with The Thieves, which is a vibrant and complex heist film, attracted almost 13 million admissions in 2012. In 2015, he made his first period film with Assassination, which takes its inspiration from real historical figures and assassination attempts. It was once again a massive box office hit attracting 12.7 million viewers. He ranks as one of the most consistently successful directors working in the contemporary Korean Cinema, with all five of his films becoming great commercial hits that also garnered critical acclaim.


Andrew Mason

He is a producer with more than 30 years of industry experience in film and television production. He produced Dark City and has served as producer or executive producer for a number of US studio pictures including The Matrix trilogy, as well as Red Planet, Scooby Doo, Queen of the Damned, and Kangaroo Jack. In 2011, he established Hopscotch Features in partnership with fellow producer Troy Lum and writer John Collee, and under that banner has produced Adoration , I, Frankenstein, Saving Mr Banks, and the 2015 release The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe’s directorial debut. He has served in a number of official roles including on the boards of the Sydney Film Festival, and on the Council of the Australian Film Television & Radio School.


LEE Jin-sook

CEO of a film production company, Harbin Inc. In 2000, she officially started her career in the film industry as the executive producer of RYOO Seung-wan’s debut film, Die Bad. In 2001, she participated as a producer for an independent film titled Popee—attaining lot of interest with its fresh approach in directing. She produced two human rights films, If You Were Me and If You Were Me 2, and went on to produce Bewitching Attraction starring MOON So-ri in 2005. She designed the production of a horror film, Yoga in 2010, and worked as a production designer and co-producer of The Age of Shadows, a film by KIM Ji-woon in 2016.


Simon Lee

He entered Cheiljedang in 1998 and began to work as the manager of a CGV chain, and went on to work for the marketing/domestic films/contents development teams and Filament Pictures at CJ Entertainment(currently a film department of CJ E&M). Currently, he is in the Managing Director of CGV Arthouse, in charge of operating the arthouse theaters and investment and distribution of mid-to-low budget Korean films. He had worked on many films including Memories Of Murder, Save the Green Planet!, Mapado, Cruel Winter Blues, The War Of Flower, Helpless, Thread of Lies, Coinlocker Girl, and The Shameless.



She is a Shorts Programmer for the Sundance Film Festival. She has been part of the Sundance shorts programming team since 2009, selecting the Sundance short film slate from over 8,000 submissions. She was panels for BAFTA Los Angeles, Sundance, Toronto Film Festival and the American Pavilion at Cannes, and has served on many festival juries including SXSW, Kansas City Film Festival, South Eastern European Film Festival, Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, Shnit International Shortfilmfestival in Switzerland, and The Smalls Film Festival in London.



CHO Jin-woong

Born in 1976. Made his debut through Spirit of Jeet Keun Do in 2004. He has been building a wide range of filmography through appearances in An Ethics Lesson (2013), My Paparotti (2013), Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013), Roaring Currents (2014), Kundo: Age of the Rampant (2014), and We are Brotehrs (2014). He won the award for best supporting male actor at Blue Dragon Awards with his performances in A Hard Day (2014), playing the role of a cold hearted witness. He went on to play various roles in Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, Assassination, The Handmaiden and The Hunt. He held his place as a solid actor by playing the righteous detective in tvN’s TV series, SIGNAL. As an actor without boundaries between theater and television, he is currently working on a film titled Boan-gwan, and a television series, Entourage Korea.


LEE Joo-won

Born in 1976. He began his career as a stage actor upon his graduation from Busan Arts College, and began to make his name through his performances in various plays. He debuted through a commercial feature Bewitching Attraction (2006), and has been continuing his career with unique and impressive roles in films such as C’est Si Bon (2014) and A Matter of Interpretation (2014). He received the Face in Shorts Award at the 13th Asiana International Short Film Festival with The Shelter (2015), and won the award for Actor of the Year in the 20th Busan International Film Festival with ALONE (2014), and is calling the attention of the industry as the latest up and coming actor.