The Korea Competition section for the 18th Asiana International Short Film Festival received the highest number of submissions in the history of the festival—a total of 1,090 films out of which 12 films have been selected.

The wider variety of genres—Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy, Action, and Musical—in comparison with the former years was a welcomed surprise. The frequently addressed issues and characters such as sexual minorities, job seekers, immigrant workers, and teenagers have been cast a fresh and positive light, which differs from the conventional approach. This year, in particular, the overall quality of the new directors’ first films was impressive. Various attempts and fine qualities of domestic animated films were noteworthy as well.

The Korean Competition section features ‘Realistic Sci-Fi’ films against the backdrop of down to earth surroundings, in addition to remarkable Korean short films in the forms of occult film, thriller, comedy, and more.