The International Competition section for the 18th Asiana International Short Film Festival received a total of 5,110 submissions from 124 nations worldwide. In this section, 43 films from 28 production countries will be introduced in Korea for the first time.

In the era of pandemic crisis, creative attempts to address the issues of isolation and retrospect were particularly noticeable. Female filmmakers stood out as in other years, while the diverse perspectives on senescence proved interesting. In terms of genres, this year’s prominent tendency turned out to be the higher number of ‘Realistic Sci-Fi’ films navigating the humankind’s concerns in the face of global crisis due to COVID-19 and climate change.

The International Competition section features films with exceptional styles and genre-based approaches as well as films coming to grips with the hardships social minorities are exposed to including domestic violence, violation of women’s rights, and racism. The films in this section will provide an opportunity to ponder upon the problems remaining in our society.