For the international competition section of the 15th Asiana International Short Film Festival, a total of 5,452 films from 125 nations were submitted and this is the largest scale ever. Finally, 47 films from 31 countries were selected and all those films will have their premiere in Korea.

Most of this year’s screening films deal with social issues. While European films like French and German short films are strong as usual, Southeast Asian and Middle East films have noticeably grown. Most of all, from the fact that many of the films are about socially neglected or vulnerable people, it is regarded that there are as many cineastes who share the same worries and dream of improvement and change of the society.

The international competition section will be filled up with noticeable latest world short films from films dealing with matters prevalent in the modern society such as LGBT, social minorities and refugee issues to ones about small things yet showing the preciousness of life.