5,327 entries from 121 countries were submitted to the 14th Asiana International Short Film Festival. The final selections include 46 short films from 31 countries with various subject matters, formats, and fresh approaches to the genre. All the selected films will be screened in Korea for the first time.

While the submissions from European and North American countries were high in number as in previous years, the growth of short films from South American countries and China—among other Asian countries—noticeably stood out. While some films encompassed original ideas and unique cinematic forms, others revealed earnest introspections. In sum, the films reflected the struggles of the respective communities they belong to.

In the International Competition section, films dealing with global issues including women’s rights, sexual minorities, the problem of the aged, illegal immigration, and racial discrimination against Islamic culture and population have been included. The selections also consist of films about various subject matters not only with the finest qualities in completeness, but also other films with rather rough edges, yet with genuine sincerity. Fresh perspectives on current affairs in a refined form of expression are found in some of the films as well. All these remarkable short films from around the world in the International Competition section will meet the audience.