Various benefits including invitation to the closing ceremony and souvenir as well as film viewing! Get AISFF Mania Card for 20,000 Won!

PeriodOCT. 19 (WED) ‐ OCT. 25 (TUE)
To ApplyEmail name, contact information and email address to us( See the website ( for more details.
Price20,000 KRW
Benefits5 film tickets for AISFF2015
main catalogue (one for each)
invitation to the closing ceremony (one seat for each)
souvenir (1 piece)
ID card for the festival

Try your luck at our lucky draw! Show us 2 tickets from any screenings of the festival to enter the draw. The lucky wheel will bring you a variety of prizes including jackets by SWIB, Kamil hand cream, souvenirs, snacks, and beverages!

Venue: Information Desk at theater 1 of CINECUBE
* First-come, first-get basis for 150 people only. The event ends when the prizes run out.
* The tickets will be stamped to prevent multiple entries.

Book for LUCKY SEAT! After every screening, We will draw for 2 persons among those who booked for LUCKY SEATs. Winners will receive either souvenir or Interpark book coupons or snacks.

* LUCKY SEAT changes at every screening.
* LUCKY SEAT event will be held only in theater 1 of CINECUBE.

Watch films during the day, and read books at night! Buy a bookmark to get a free book! If you purchase our AISFF2016 souvenir bookmark, a complimentary book will come along!

* Complimentary books are randomly chosen, and exchange or refund is not available.
* The event ends when the complimentary books run out.

The early bird catches the worm! A chance to win a free Snack for viewers of first screening everyday.

TimeNOV. 4 (Fri) ‐ NOV. 8 (Tue)
VenueTheater 1 of CINECUBE

#Snacks before you watch the film! If you upload a photo taken at AISFF Photo Zone on any SNS with a hashtag #AISFF, you get a free popcorn!