Various benefits including invitation to the closing ceremony and souvenir as well as film viewing! Get AISFF Mania Card for 20,000 Won!

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Period;;;OCT. 19 (Thu) ‐ OCT. 24 (Tue);nn;
To Apply;;;Email name, contact information and email address to us( See the website ( for more details.;nn;
Price;;;20,000 KRW;nn;
Benefits;;;5 film tickets for AISFF2015{;n}main catalogue (one for each){;n}invitation to the closing ceremony (one seat for each){;n}souvenir (1 piece){;n}ID card for the festival;nn;

Try your luck at our lucky draw! Show us 2 tickets from any screenings of the festival to enter the draw. The lucky wheel will bring you a variety of prizes including souvenirs, snacks, and beverages!

Venue: Information Desk at theater 1 of CINECUBE
* First-come, first-get basis for 150 people only.
* The event ends when the prizes run out.
* The tickets will be stamped to prevent multiple entries.

Book for LUCKY SEAT! After every screening, we will draw for 2 persons among those who booked for LUCKY SEATs. Winners will receive either souvenir or snacks.

* LUCKY SEAT changes at every screening.
* LUCKY SEAT event will be held only in theater 1 of CINECUBE.

Tag the moon & Get the Kernels!
Take a photo of Full moon image scattered around the AISFF event area. Hashtag #AISFF #Fullmoon in your social media posts, and get Kernels Popcorn for free.

* You will find the Full moon image in the poster, banner and souvenirs :)
* After posting with the hashtag, go to the information desk for the popcorn

Take the chance to get roundy round souvenirs! Day/Mood light, Mouse Pads, Post-its, and snacks randomly packed in one box, the “Full Moon Lucky Bag”! You will never know what you will get, but always will be worthy than it costs.

* Full Moon Lucky Box available at the souvenir shop (\10,000/each)
* Each box will worth min \20,000 to max \50,000
* No exchange / No refund

The early bird catches the worm!
A chance to win a free Snack for viewers of first screening everyday.


Venue: Theater 1 of CINECUBE
Time: NOV. 3 (Fri) ‐ NOV. 6 (Mon)