Look into the Scriptwriting

Being introduced for the first time in this year’s edition of the festival, “AISFF CLASS” will fulfill young filmmakers’ curiosity about various topics, inviting professionals of each field to talk about their perspectives. As a script is the first step and is the main factor that the quality of which decides the possibility of actually producing a film, scriptwriting is the biggest concern among the aspiring filmmakers. For this year’s class, producers, directors, and other industry professionals managing investment and distribution in Korea have been invited to talk about how to write an attractive script and what they think makes a good script.

TimeNOV. 4 (FRI) 19:00
VenueMunho Art Hall, 3rd Floor, Daewoo Construction
PresenterSimon LEE (Managing Director of CGV Arthouse), Lucy Roy-kyoung CHUN (Producer), HAN Jun-hee(Director)
ModeratorKristin JI (Programmer of the AISFF)