As a producer actively engaged in both Hollywood and Australia for the last 30 years, Andrew MASON has been credited as a producer and/or executive producer for major Hollywood studio films and box office hits such as the Kafkaesque thriller Dark City, The Matrix Trilogy by the Wachowski Brothers, Red Planet, Silent Hill, Adore, Saving Mr. Banks, and Water Diviner. A special rendezvous with Andrew MASON has been prepared as a part of Meet Australian Shorts through Time Program. It will be a golden opportunity to get a glimpse of the behind scenes of Hollywood and Australian film industry.

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Time;;;NOV. 4 (FRI) 20:30;nn;
Venue;;;Theater 1 of CINECUBE;nn;
Presenter;;;Andrew MASON;nn;
Moderator;;;PARK Hye-eun (Editor-in-Chief of Maxmovie magazine);nn;