AISFF Rendezvous

: Trip to Italian Cinema with Mario SESTI

Renowned film critic and journalist, Mario SESTI has published books on the history of Italian Cinema. He has also produced documentary films about Italian Film Masters such as Pier Paolo PASOLINI and Federico FELLINI, which have been screened at various international festivals. His latest documentary film featuring the last interview with Bernardo BERTOLUCCI who have passed away in 2018, Cinecittà – I mestieri del cinema Bernardo Bertolucci: No End Travelling was invited by Cannes earlier this year. One of the most distinguished film by BERTOLUCCI, The Last Emperor (1988), had won nine awards in the Academy Awards. Mario SESTI has been closely watching BERTOLUCCI’s career in cinema, and this program will be a precious chance to listen to him in person.


NOV. 1 (FRI) 15:30


CINECUBE Theater 1




KIM Young-jin (Jeonju IFF Executive Programmer)