Ze and the Penguin
Director Francisco LANCA
Country Portugal
Year 2003
Running Time 10'
Genre Animation
With the family being controlled my strong matriarch, the fahter is always subject to the rantings from his wife. It was at this time that the circus came to the village. Ze and Penguin get into the Haunted House without paying and are chased by spiders, witches, and mummies. They barely escape, but the monsters run after them, escaping the house as well. Then the ringmaster escapes and chases after both, wrecking havoc in the entire circus. The structure of reality surrounding school, busy streets, a father and children who live in fear of their wife and mother are all a vivid parallel to the fantaastical world of the circus and reflect new meaning to the existing reality. A strange family portrait recreated through monsters in a fantasy world. (Jun Min-sung)
Francisco LANCA