Why not Community
Director PARK Yong-jae
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 8'
Genre Animation
A man who's wearing a cowboy hat enters into a nightclub where a kitschy disco music is playing. The men on tuxedo who believes the cowboy that is man's symbol try to steal the hat. It is a short and simple movie, but it definitely not an easy movie and the ending is uncertain and all of sudden. The tuxedo men's actions are too artificial and overly exaggerated. The police enter and disappear without a reason. However, the problem created by those unseeingly match people and happening are no longer a problem when you jive into a joyful sound, movement and strong images. When the cowboy takes out a rainbow colored gun, which symbolized the transsexuals and the tuxedo men's funny movement are the best part of this movie. (Kwon Ho-chang)
PARK Yong-jae