Visible from Here
Director IWATA Yuki
Country Japan
Year 2004
Running Time 15'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status International Premiere
This cute Japanese Gakuen(school) comics faces some deep social conflicts while as it also captivates the beautiful cinematic moments. The main character, Ayumu gets selected in third place among the most hated girls in her class. It seems she didn't get hurt outside, but she got a wound inside. On that day, she stays on the verge of the radical departure and the regulations. She visits the paramedic and goes up to the roof. Those places are the metaphor for "The safe middle place" where you can't even go too far. She cuts on gym, goes up to the roof again, there she meets the ranked number one Shinako. They try to talk to each other and become the friends. Later, they find themselves rooting for the ranked number 2 girl. And the new vision begins. (Yoonah Han)