To War
Director WANG Qizheng
Country China
Year 2007
Running Time 10’
Color/B&W Beta SP | Color
Genre Fiction
Premier Status International Premiere
The leading character of this film is an ordinary middle school student, who is driven into his own dreamland by classroom boredom. He discovers that his schoolmates have been brainwashed by a mechanical robot. The malfunctioning of this robot leaves the entire school in a state of panic. As the leading character escapes its control, he meets a friendly robot, which teaches him that he can overcome the evil robot with a dance. In his victory over the machine, the boy becomes the school's hero.
WANG Qizheng
Qizheng, who attended Beijing Normal University, is currently pursuing graduate study at Beijing Dance Academy. Short film work includes [How Can I Jump Out of the Ordinary] (2003), the Olympic Games-themed short film [Same Dream] (2007), [Apple] (2007July) and [Fahrenheit 311] (2007).