Tim Tom
Director Christel POUGEIOSE , Romain SEGAUD
Country France
Year 2002
Running Time 4' 20"
Genre Animation
"Tim Tom" is a meta-movie which narrates the methodology and nature of animaion through two fantastical characters, Tim and Tom, who transgresses the boundary between inside and outside of the production process of animation. Their notepad faces are used as a device to show a classic, basic animation technique which brings life into characters drawn on notebook pages by flipping the pages quickly. In the background of classic lighting and music, the tumultuous adventure of Tim and Tom is depicted on the opitical sound film placed parallel under image frames, going in an out of film frames. That is true! The movie is a modern device based "double" dialectic? two basic elements of the movie, image and sound. Also, characters such as Tim and Tom serve as a metaphor to prove a fundamental proposition that the movie is based on "mobility" produced instantly by showing consecutively more than two images. (Yoon Ah Han)
Christel POUGEIOSE , Romain SEGAUD