Tiger Project
Director LEE Jee-heng
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 26'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status World Premiere
My mon constantly nagging me, because I don't have any job, I don't want to have one, everyday is my holiday just restiong, reading manga and watching telly at home. But this year is a tiger year! Hope for something special to happen to me! Meanwhile one of my friends is a successful computer programmer even if we have a same birthday with same time. I smell that thaere is something happeing with her behind me, something unusual... This narrative reveals the fact with interesting approach within the name of 'tiger project'. 'I', a narrator and protagonist reminds Hyun Nam (Bae Doo Na in '플란다스의 개') who investigates the events. This film is a comic flaver with a bit of an artificial spicy. Little superise for you, Moon so ri as Cameo role. (Kim Hyun-jung)
LEE Jee-heng