Three-Minute Stories
Director Fernanda TRIAS
Country Uruguay
Year 2004
Running Time 23'
Genre Documentary
The movie begins by showing the swelling wave, and followed by the wet fallen leaves on the quiet street while you hear the Tango music. In this movie, the main characters are the Tango music playing husband and wife who you can trace back their lives from the wrinkles on the forehead. The three minutes Tango music is their love and the life itself. When the old singer's preparation before the show dissolves into the black shoes, we feel the warm affection and cannot aviod the feeling that she is extraordinary attractive. Thus, this documentary carefully shows a deep consideration towards the people and life, and their music, From the scene when the director is interviewing them, you can see how the director has built a great rapport with them. The image of water is cut to the foggy weather and rain falling sound with he melancholy music, the movie closes it with the director's warm affective point of view towards their lives. (Yoonah Han)
Fernanda TRIAS