The Wallet
Director Vincent BIERREWAERTS
Country France
Year 2003
Running Time 10' 32"
Genre Animation
A man who’s fired by the boss finds a wallet on the way of his home. From this point on, this movie develops into a totally different way of storytelling structure. In a classic storytelling structure, the "Incident" is either the "Action" or "Happening". So to speak, the main characters' "Action or the coincidentally ocurred "Happening" both bring the change of a condition or the situation. The happening is usually built with a different time, space and personal. This movie shows an innovative experiment at this point. In this movie, those three elements are not separete. A same person, in the same time, goes through different happening in a different space/ In some cases, this man splits in many different "Men". But the point is not disunion, but reiteration. The hypothesis and challenge against the recognition of the homegenous and unithed-ego is the start-line of this movie. This movie paradoxically emphasizes that even the man has gone through two totally different happening there is no change in the resolution in a pessimistic way. (Kwon Ho-chang)