The Skywalk Is Gone
Director TSAI Ming Liang
Country Taiwan
Year 2002
Running Time 22'
Genre Fiction
This film begins with a rear shot of Shiang-chyi looking at a large billboard. Everything's 'under construction' in Taipei, where seductive yet false promises of commercialism makes the passers-by go dizzy around them. Shiang-chyi, in her bewilderment, follows a woman with a large suitcase who is jaywalking. As she is arrested, she claims the jaywalking was the result of 'overpass' being no longer there. Was there really an overpass before? Shiang-chyi is now confused. In What Time Is It There? Tsai Ming-liang's previous feature, Hsiao-Kang sold a watch to Shiang-city right under that overpass. Now unemployed, he goes to the audition for a role in some porn film produciton. Two personas of Tsai Ming-liang, which is a double character of Shiang-chyi and Hsiao-kang, do mot meetin this film but still is able to illuminate their traces of one another for each other. (Yoonah Han)
TSAI Ming Liang