The Silent Manistone
Director Wanmacaidan
Country Tibet/China
Year 2003
Running Time 29' 30"
Genre Fiction
Premier Status International Premiere
At first glance, the film seems to tell about a lamasery, a young monk or Tibetan being absorbed in watching TV. But as the title indicates, the director is making this film in the manner and temporal pave of Tibet born and raised person, as if to inscribe every single sutra quietly on a manistone in hopes of drawing in and following up the dogma rather than just be an everyday life in an unfamiliar Tibetan world or straight-forward depiciton of simplicity in the lives of people far behind of civilization. The characters in this film are depicted in a similar fashion as the ones found in films of Abbas Kiarostami, the favorite of this film's director, with a distinction being that, instead of natural environment telling their lives, even bigger, greater spiritual existence decides upon them. (Noh Kyoung-hee)