The Old Man Who Cried Shark!
Director Matt White
Country USA
Year 2003
Running Time 28'30"
Premier Status Asian Premiere
A lonely old man named Henry lives with his son Lou's family. One day, while fishing in a freshwater pond near the farm, Henry is convinced he's seen a shark in the water. Lou dismisses his father's odd behavior as the attempt of a rambling old man trying to get attention. But Lou's wife Min is not so sure. Her fears are justified as Henry begins to build weapons to kill the shark. After researching in an encyclopedia, Henry learns of a shark that can live in freshwater, the bull shark. With this knowledge, he is even more determined to find and destroy the beast to prove his sanity once and for all to his family and to himself. But his valiant attempt to save his family from this elusive killer fish backfires, causing more harm than good, and Henry must finally accept that he has lost his mind.
Matt White