The Missing House
Director YING Liang
Country China
Year 2003
Running Time 28'
Genre Fiction
It's the New Year's Eve at Shanxi region. Xiao Bin gets arrested by the police during the disturbances by the pick-pocket on the street… New Year Every year, most of working-class people in China live their daily lives waiting for the sweet, long New Year's holidays to arrive. Such is the reason why New Year's Day is depicted in Chinese cinema, especially its Independent producitons, as palying the role of providing weary folks with greather sense of existence along with chances for their escape. For this film, along with a delinquent boy from the reform school within the film, New Year's Day serves the same purpose, a day to go back home and get away. Unlike Hollywood Christmas films with happy endings, however, New Year's Day found is this Chinese independent film is rather gloomy and tragic. Maybe it's the first secen at a downhill that recalls the last secne from, Hou Hsiao-hsien's A City of Sadness, or a relationship between a boy and a Big Brother, along with a meeting of his friend at youth that reminds us of Jia Zhangke's Xiao Wu, we will also be experiencing the heart-felt pains that are about to face the boy once the screening begins. (Noh Kyong-hee)
YING Liang