The Gospel of Creole Pig
Director Michelange QUAY
Country Haiti/France/USA
Year 2004
Running Time 19'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status Asian Premiere
I am the Creole Pig. I am that I am. I am the pig of your Forefathers. There is no other pig but I, Creole pig, Black Pig, Apocalyptic Pig, New World Pig. My blood washed the slaves of their sin. My flesh is your flesh, until the end of time. 'Starting out with such monologue, this film shows the historical consequences of Creole culture, Haiti in particular being subjected to aggressions and colonization governing from outside. The scenic image of USA are juxtaposed with Creole pigs being slaughtered at the slums of Haiti, as words 'In God We Trust' flashes along the way. The intergration of governign power through channeling of capital, yet with a gap between the classes that still exists, displays cracking points found in such integration, while it suggests both political and financial disposition of post-colonization state.
Michelange QUAY