The Debator
Director WOO Wonsuk
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 23' 35"
Genre Fiction
Three social losers sign away a their bodies renouncement note for gambling debt. The payday deadline iscoming but they are not able to pay back. They try to get rid of their fingers print as putting their fingers into an electronic fan. They try to rob empty house as well, but nothing works out. Eventually, they plan to rob their own parents' house while parents left home. Things don't work out as usual. When they come to a deadlock, there are no parents and no friends. Are we alone as like erased fingerprint? In current issue of serious social matter, young people's unemployment, the film questioning what a life is when we get to extreme situation and who we are in that position. Black and white screen shows the life of their desperation and a dismal reality.
WOO Wonsuk