The Carousel Rite
Play it Again, AISFF!
Director Zoltán GAYER, Péter MOLNÁR
Country Hungary
Year 2004
Running Time 11’
Color/B&W 35mm | Color
Genre Fiction
Premier Status 2005 Asiana International Short Film Festival - International Competition
The famous Magnus Group arrives in a small town. They have come to execute their mysterious carousel ritual. Many have already heard about this mysterious ritual. However, only a few know its details, and even fewer, if any, has been lucky enough to witness it or participate in it. This is a joyful encounter with films by Emir KUSTURICA and Aki KAURISMAKI.
Zoltán GAYER, Péter MOLNÁR
Having co-directed a number of films for many years, they made a short film [Veled is Ponyvapotting] (1998) and, based on that, completed a feature film [Ponyvapotting] the next year. While Zoltán GAYER directed [Rec Lamp] (2003), Péter MOLNÁR directed [Ultra] (2002).