Director David CHOW
Country Hong Kong China
Year 2003
Running Time 21'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status International Premiere
Some one embraces onself freely exposing one's body, some on hesitates to do this, and another one catches the figures of the two through his/her own perspective. In this way the movie, unfolding itself through the perspective of a gay male, shows self-exhibition of gay-male-body and their "bodily" coming-out through their relationship. ln this movie the exhibition of body is the identity of body, the gesture which tries to communicate through bodily attration, and the connecting network of body. The movie begins with the scene that they face their bodies like a mirror, and ends with the scene that they expose themselves by facing their own bodies. As if says that the discovery of one's identity starts from the discovery of one's own body. (Lee Hwan-mi)
David CHOW