Signs of Life
Director Arnaud DEMUYNCK
Country France
Year 2004
Running Time 10'
Genre Animation
It's a night with breath of pathos filling up in the air. A woman is seated crouching in an empty room, then visits a cemetery and stands in front of gravestone that belongs to her lost love. Upon returning to her room, she caresses scars of the past inhabiting her naked body and leaves on a journey once again. She dances almightily at the edge of the cliff with violent waves crashing inderneath, facing and fighting back her scars from the past, eventually revealing a smile as the sun begins to rise. This short animation shows an image of woman fighting back unhappy memories of the past that has been braided into her daily lives, as if we are seeing a music video showing a piece of poetry submerged in dream-like, tragic tunes and enable us to feel its musical and visual rhythmic senses as a while. The image of women dancing in ghastly manner, as she separates the approaching wild waves that are about to swallow her, is the climax of this work as well as the moment in which the director's intended message gets delivered in most direct fashion. (Song You-Kyoung)