Shanu Taxi
Director Vasant NATH
Country India
Year 2006
Running Time 15'
Color/B&W DV
Genre Fiction
Sixty thousand taxis run on the streets of Mumbai. Each one has a story. Shanu has been driving a taxi in Mumbai for three years without moving up or making any money. He doesn’t want much - just enough to be able to take his old Abu Jaan on the Hajj one day. Late one night, a passenger leaves an expensive mobile phone behind in his taxi. When Shanu returns it, he gets the phone as a reward.
Vasant NATH
1980년 출생. 인도의 뉴델리에서 영문학을 공부했고 영국에서 사회정치과학을 공부했다. 디파 메타 감독의 장편영화 <워터> 제작에 참여한 적이 있다.