Senyu, Sensen
Director GUAN Na
Country China
Year 2004
Running Time 30'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status World Premiere
A city boy drives into the snowy mountain and begins the journey to the secret, low-ish world of fables after seeing a fox while driving. Mountain gods speaks to the boy, as drawingin the boy to this remote has been a result of magic of life that was sent from them in first place. Existence of god, like a fearsome, respectable tree at the verge to the village, feels as if to draw in the director in the same clear manner that comes as pure as a newly born or a boy in strange world. As in many cases with Chinese independent directors, her first film was shot at place where she grew up (Changbaek Mountain region.) The director is able to create her small yet strong and sturdy film world with her own fables and myths, having passed the spiritual world of Miyazaki Hayao in the process. (Noh Kyoung-hee)