SARS in Beijing
Director WANG Shiqing
Country China
Year 2003
Running Time 14'
Genre Documentary
Premier Status World Premiere
It's Beijing in spring of 2003. The city meets some from of mass exodus dus to SARS scars. Whithout having any antidotes against it, the disease is about to spread out nationwide, even prompting its citizens about a rumor that government is about to quarantine Beijing altogether. This films records images of citizens and laborers from remote region all trying to get out of town. Once SARS epidemic seizes Beijing, the lives of people living there instantaneously changes in drastic mammer. The SARS epidemic, as one of variables affecting daily lives in Beijing, becomes the main condition and setting that makes this documentary possible. The film looks on as its citizens and labor workeers from countryside struggles to move on with their lives under such scrutinizing circumstance. (Jun Ming-sung)
WANG Shiqing