Rose’s Last Train
Director Melina HENDERSON
Country UK
Year 2004
Running Time 11'
Genre Fiction
Premier Status International Premiere
There is one woman unintentionally staring at the train coming to the station. She is Rose, a city worker, whose everyday routine is very boring whitout any special events or changes. The single shots describe her everyday routine indifferently, and absence of reverse shots emphasize her dry life. But one day, she finds a guy who sees her directly into her eyes, the anchor of news show in the TV. This handsome charming man calls her name, Rose. His romantic calling changes her life. She starts to 'decorate' herself attractively. However, when he stops looking at her returning to the female anchor in the TV, she falls into the loneliness again. This is a story of the subaltern invisible in the social network. Her eyes always fail to reach others' eyes and disappear into audience which is subject-object relationship reverses for a short while, but the logic of media makes her more isolated.(Yoonah Han)