Director KIM Ji-woon
Country Korea
Year 2009
Running Time 27'
Definition/Color Color
Genre Fiction
As a lover and colleague, secret agent Na-yeon and Min-woo both work in the same organization. When agents in the organization get killed at once, Min-woo becomes suspicious that the killer must be someone around him. A short film by KIM Ji-woon who has been so-called a master of genre variation and style, starring JUNG Woo-sung and KIM A-joong.
KIM Ji-woon
Born in 1964, he emerged on the cinematic scene with <THE QUIET FAMILY>(1998), which won the screenplay prize in the 1st Cine21 Scenario Public Subscription Contest. His filmography includes <THE FOUL KING>(2000), <A TALE OF TWO SISTERS>(2003), <A BITTERSWEET LIFE>(2005), and <THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD>(2008), <I SAW THE DEVIL>(2010). He will go on to Hollywood to direct <THE LAST STAND> with Liam NEESON.