Director XU YiLiang
Country China
Year 2003
Running Time 30' 45"
Genre Fiction
Premier Status World Premiere
As the film begins with unfolding of intimate, timeless story that is as familiar as friendly voice of radio DJ, two elderly long for a soul that passed away leaving a portrait between them. As it is about to be seen as a recollection of 'pure love', the picture in a portrait disappears and suddenly is replaced with reflection of Mr, Zhang. In an instant, Mr. Zhang falls, bringing in the creepiness with sharp sound in the process. Sense of imminence lingers on old man's weakly yet skilled arm movements and his strange voice of urgency, under the shadow of death that's soon approaching. The voice speaks of lives that are critical yet alive and will continue to last. And the belief that existence of an unseen spirit will save them and join them together is related to the understanding of why the title of this film is "Pomegranate". (Noh Kyoung-hee)
XU YiLiang