Poisson d’Avril
Director HUH In
Country Korea
Year 2006
Running Time 22'
Definition/Color HDV
Genre Fiction
In a school, boys and girls decided to change their class room in April Fools’ Day. But in the morning of the day, a girl named Shijeong walked into the classroom filled with boys. Seeing Shijeong wearing boy’s school uniform, boys were surprised. Soon a physical education teacher appeared and boys ran out of the girls’ classroom. A boy named Songwoo left his book at Shijeong’s desk in his hurry…
서울 출생. 뉴욕 프랫 인스티튜트(Pratt Institute) 시절 졸업 작품 <Laundromat Queen>과 영상원 전문사 과정 실습 작품 <여름고백> 을 만들었다. 제8회 이스트만 단편영화 사전제작지원으로 만든 <샌프란시스코 블루스>가 여러 영화제에서 상영되었고, 그 후 아시아나국제단편영화제 사전제작지원작 <쁘아송 다브릴>을 만들었다.