Director Winston Titus Tao
Country USA
Year 2012
Running Time 24’
Definition/Color Digi-beta | Color
Genre Fiction
Premier Status Asia Premiere
17 yr. old Russell Clayton has always loved photography. When he’s given the chance to enter in to a school competition to win some prize money for Maggie, his 11yr. old sister, he takes the opportunity. Faced with a lack of food, and a grim living situation, the two siblings come up with a shot list that ensures their victory.
2012 West Coast Film Festival - Best Short, Audience Choice Award
2012 Warsaw International Film Festival
Winston Titus Tao
Studying and actively pursuing film since 2004. His filmography includes numerous shorts with multiple awards and have gone on to play in prestigious festivals both internationally and domestic. A recent graduate of Chapman University, his thesis film, <PICTURE. PERFECT.>.