Director Carsten VAUTH, Marco J. RIEDL
Country Germany
Year 2010
Running Time 19' 49"
Definition/Color Color
Genre Fiction
Premier Status Asian Premiere
A hobby-psychologist runs the pirate radio “Nighthawk” from the basement of his house, and every night he goes On Air as Doc Rock. Unexpectedly a serial killer The Night-Slasher calls in on his show, and now…Doc has to stop him from killing his next victim. The struggle for survival is ON…AIR.
Carsten VAUTH, Marco J. RIEDL
VAUTH directed and wrote short films such as <IN LOVE WITH DEATH>(1998), <ZERO-TWO-THREE-ONE>(2006), <IMAGINE THAT IT IS FINAL…>(2008), <TOP STORY>(2010). <ON AIR> is RIEDL’s first screenplay, which was filmed. This was followed by <NOTWORTH A BULLET>(writer & director of photography), and now <QUIRK OF FATE>(writer & director).