Director LEE Sung-gang
Country Korea
Year 2003
Running Time 16'
Genre Animation
O-nu-ri' is a follow up short film from Mr. Lee Sung-Kang, the winner of Grand Prix an the Ammecy with his 'Story of Mari, whose personal, complicated yet beautiful amimation works have set him apart from the rest of Korean animation artists. The film is a sketch displaying the composed touch of a seasoned veteran that paces along with the energy coming from his fully matured handwork. Figures of mountain and sea are alive and moving around, like the ones embroidered in a high-quality folding screen of the Royal Court. It's the 'fountainhead river,' where the scent and the breeze of the season all start. The film is an adventure story of 'O-nu-ri' No one knows when and whare 'O-nu-ri' was born and the story begins to unfold upon main character losing the mother-like figure, captivating the eyes and the ears of audiences with its landscape in between mysterious and enchanting paintings, do not put heavy emphases on the theme of 'harmonizing with the world', which is another charming ponit of this animation. Cutesiness and Humor in this film that were previously not found in his earlier works, approaches in a comfortable, cherrful manner within the elegant Korean sentiment and the lively spirits of folklore. (Song You-kyong)
LEE Sung-gang