O Lover of Life
Director Pooja KAUL
Country India/UK
Year 2003
Running Time 33'
Genre Fiction
A shot film about love composed of memories of a middle aged women. It shows a modern style different from classic Ballywood films usingblack and white frames of the various historical times of New Delhi, images of a hand held camera, and blurred cutting images expressing the fragments of memories. At the same time, the director does not miss the traditional factors since she takes the diaspora sentiment as an improtant motive of her works. She refers to the profound traditional propertiessuch as music and arts in India. The man she loved when she was young is descibed in the silhoutte, which might be an expression of the sweet menory of love or an interpretaion of India, the historical place. The memories are fragmental, so as the historic representation of India. However she suggests a new writing of the history, filling holes of the main history with the sentimental fetish of small stuffs from the past. (Yoon Ah Han)
Pooja KAUL