Make a Wish
Director Cherien DABIS
Country Palestine&USA
Year 2006
Running Time 12’
Definition/Color 35mm | Color
Genre Fiction
A young Palestinian girl will do whatever it takes to buy a birthday cake. Eleven year-old, Mariam, begs her mother for the money she needs to buy a cake at a local bakery. Her mother begrudgingly relents, but when Mariam arrives at the bakery, she realizes that she needs more money. Determined to get the cake, she sets out to overcome the obstacles and get some cash.
2006 Dubai International Film Festival - Gold Muhr Award for Best Short Film
Cherien DABIS
Born on November 27th 1976 in Omaha, Nebraska to Palestinian/Jordanian immigrant parents, Cherien Dabis has directed [Nadah](2003), [Little Black Boot](2003), and [Amreeka](2007).