Director Alexandra GRIMANIS
Country Canada
Year 2009
Running Time 4' 50"
Definition/Color Color
Genre Experimental
Premier Status Asian Premiere
Moments in our lives that seem insignificant at the time they occur can stay with us for years, if not forever. We are haunted by what could have been, what small differences may have changed the outcome of these moments and maybe our entire lives. recalls one such moment - a moment that was simple but could have turned out very differently.
Alexandra GRIMANIS
Since 2008, she has worked as coordinator in Main Film. She is the Jury member for the Golden Sheaf Awards, Yorkton International Film Festival 2009. Her filmography includes <TEA TIME>(1994), <MOTHERS OF ME>(1999), <RH FACTOR>(2008), <TRY TO REMAIN CALM>(2009), <ROLL>(2009).