Lu Ren
Director LAU Chi Chung
Country China
Year 2002
Running Time 5' 30"
Genre Fiction
What would the end of this world be like?' That is a 'romantic' desire that anyone could have dreamed about that travel, and it's directly ripen through the film Lu Ren. Just as the title suggest, the film consists of beautiful scense the director experienced and captured using super 8 movie camera while travelling. Yet, the film doesn't just end there, as it puts heavier emphasis on delivering flutters upon meeting with brand new world, as well as free and enriching senses resulting from one's travel... And one more thing, the film doesn't forget that weariness of traveling doesn't exist as long as there's someone there to comfort you. Using the music "Over the rainbow" as its main theme, the film is the story of young people in love with process of searching the rainbow, although there maybe nothing over it. (Lee Eun-ju)
LAU Chi Chung