Director FENG Wen
Country China
Year 2003
Running Time 5' 22"
Genre Animation
The canvas are colored by the various colorful crayons. The movie begins by the children's play, which is scratched by the nails over the blacked color all around. In this harsh city life, the rjoicing of a childhood-the innocent pleasure can only stay inside of our menory. The movie remembers the little moments such as when you run around the town, scribble on the wall and play a chess game with your grandfather. The joyful jorney that is followed by the childhood's menory ends up with the vagueness of the city buildings and the gray leaflet. Just like watching an old, torn film look suggests the way of coming back to the lost memories. And just like the scribbling on the well in the childhood's menory, is shown by the camera, the forgotten memory is re-drawn by the movie, which is the brand new medium of a reproduction. (Kang Mi-hwa)