Little Things
Director Daniel GREAVES
Country UK
Year 2004
Running Time 11'
Genre Animation
Seven kinds of situation, along with nine imaginative possibilities, exist. On 7th day: It's too dark here to open this door without having that light on… why is the timer on so short? On 6th day: A glass of beer please. "Right now, please! Hurry up!" "I said right now! Give ut to me now!" Okay, thank you. On 5th day: Yeah, I can whistle well... but is there any reason to go this far? On 4th day: I will go to bed now, set the alarm and turn off the light, Then... On 3rd day: Too many alarm systems on the street! They are too noisy; I will just cover ont with my jacket that l'm wearing. What's this one about? Guess I'll just haver to cover it with my pants. On 2nd day: My girlfriend's outside, I should get a condom quickly yet this vending machine isn't working!!! On 1st day: My cat's purring for food, I should feed her... wait a minute, where's my cat? (Jun Min-sung)