Shorts with Theme : Music & Shorts
Director CHO Sun-hee
Country Korea
Year 2006
Running Time 11’ 39”; 30’ 34”
Color/B&W Beta SP | Color
Genre Fiction
Premier Status Asian Premiere
Memories of Jean have never left Mari for a long time. Each night, Mari revisits her memories and re-encounters a painful secret that has prolonged to be healed. Through this psychological journey to her inner world, Mari finds a way to forgive herself for one night.
CHO Sun-hee
After graduating from the Department of Radio, Television, and Film at University of Texas, Austin, she is currently pursuing her Master's in Film/Video Production. Her filmography includes: [This Road] (2004, 10min, DV, Color), [K-Town, Texas] (2005, 15', DV, Color), [re.viv.er] (2005, 8min, 16mm, Color) and [Love.Amanda] (2005, 15min, DV, Color).