In Public
Director JIA Zhang Ke
Country China
Year 2003
Running Time 32'
Genre Fiction
With various expressions meet one another, from a station to a bus stop at coal mining towm. These 'transit places' will melt the 'individual' reasons for living. 'In Public' is a final railway stop in between Jia Zhangke's two feature films, Platform(2000) and Ren Xiao Yao-Unknown Pleasures(2002). While spending 20 some days in Tatung, Shanxi Province, Mr. Jia got mesmerized with unique emotions and paces in like from its residents and unexpectedly moved to Ren Xiao Yao. After the brief yet prolonged waiting at the reilway staiton to examine the expressions of people on the stopover before heading into the city, the crew gets on the bus and follows the fellow passengers to get to the center of the city. Even though the city is in midst of long-term unemployment and stagnation after the closing of its coalmine, its people still flock into dance hall and pool hall, the only public spaces in this small town. Certain unknown pleasures they share in common are the only energy that keeps the continuation of their lives, as well as being reciprocal dynamics of an ambiguous communal society. (b-won Lee)
JIA Zhang Ke