In Nepal…
Director AN Se-Kweon
Country Korea
Year 2001
Running Time 6'
Genre Documentary
Premier Status World Premiere
In the film "In Nepal… in 2001", cameras filmed the Katmandu terminal in Nepal, where contradicting cultures and boundaries encounter. Scenes display facial expressions of people of various races watching TV in the terminal. In the summer of 2001, there was shooting-spree in the royal palace of Nepal. and government forces and rebels? Known as Maoist? were at war. In the middle of this political turmoil, people are paying serious attention to TV, and what they are watching, however, is a Hollywood movie. Cameras capture the innocence of these people and their eyes are filled with an intriguing curiosity. Odd happenings that the encounter of different cultures and boundaries in the globalized world has created, and the shock from them... No report is as real and political as "In Nepal... in 2001". (Lee Eun-ju)
AN Se-Kweon