Illegal Parking
Director JEONG Chung-hwan
Country Korea
Year 2006
Running Time 26' 30”
Definition/Color 35mm
Genre Fiction
The complicated Seoul Station. In-ki lives like a homeless and makes pocket money on the side in his car which is only property. A boss always blames a parking girl, Seon-hee, for In-ki who has parked illegally for a long term. Seon-hee tries to put out of her district while In-ki vacates the seat from his car for a few minutes.
JEONG Chung-hwan
1974년 울산 출생. 한국예술종합학교 영상원 영화과 전문사 과정 재학 중. <W C Jungle?>(2004)은 미쟝센단편영화제와 브리즈번국제영화제를 비롯한 여러 영화제에서 상영되었다.