If ‘Huhnanseolheon’ Met ‘Li Qing Zho’- A Thousand Journey From Gangneung to Shandong
Eastern Aura(DFF)
Director HAJA Visual Rave
Country Korea
Year 2005
Running Time 28’
Color/B&W DV
Genre Non-Fiction
Imagine if HUH Nanseolheon and LI Qingzhao had met, this is the first of those documentaries; A journey connecting with time from 1000 years ago. We also discovered that traveling had been an important turning point in their lives, and so we took up our camera to travel; to meet those women.
HAJA Visual Rave
Launching in 2004. Making Documentary film "What if Heo Nanselheon and Li Qingzhao had met" in 2005. Planning, arrangement and recording of Asia Dstory Festival for Girls 2005.