I Want to Invite you
Director KIM A-young
Country Korea
Year 2003
Running Time 9'
Genre Animation
"Since you're a widow, you must dress in black from now on." The eldest Madam's transcendental voice starts to restrict the little Madam's daliy life. The driver, who has been watching her for a long time, visits her in a colorful dress and she hesitates in front of the door. Over the virtually animated 2 dimensional spaces, the little Madam's desire stars to unveil while she can only passively react to all the restricitons. Altheough she's wearing overly tighened, gorgeous Victorian-styled dress, her sadness and the desire can be traced from her dishevelde hairs like a cobweb. In between the pre-modern discipline and the class relationship, her "Hesitation and the "Invitation" are used as metaphor to describe the Surrealistic Relationship." (Yoonah Han)
KIM A-young