How Does The Blind Dream?
Director YOO Ji-tae
Country Korea
Year 2005
Running Time 42’
Definition/Color Beta SP
Genre Fiction
To a blind acupuncturist, a girl customer starts telling him with sexual jokes. Then her visits create a sensation to his monotonous life and awaken his hidden desire, with falling into a fantasy of Carnival and its fever in his reality.
YOO Ji-tae
Yoo Ji-tae was born in 1976 in Seoul, Korea. He is very famous actor in Korea, starred in <Attack the Gas Station>, <One Fine Spring Day>, <Old Boy>, <Woman is the Future of Man> etc. And he is a graduate student of GSAIM, Chung-Ang University. He wrote and directed <The Bike Boy> in 2003. This film was invited to several festivals such as Pusan Asia Short Film Festival.