Home Sweet Home
Director UM Hye-jung
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 17' 36"
Genre Fiction
We see distraint papers pasted all over the furniture, TV, refrigerator, virtually on everything in the room. Jihye, the youngest daughter, is away from kindergarten retreat and isn't aware of this. On the day she is to return home, the TV news reports of fire, informing casualties among her kindrgarten group, including Jihye. At that instant, the door bell rings and there stands Jihye outside the door. Could it have been an erroneous report on TV? A story of post-IMF family in Korea, the film inquires wheter a family, as a so-called tightest (and smallest) unit of society, can remain intact when forced with pressure to breakdown upon higher communal base, or be treansformed via different means. (Jun Min-sung)
UM Hye-jung