The 20th Anniversary of INDIESTORY, Play It Again! : Indie Actors
Director CHOI Jin-sung
Country Korea
Year 2004
Running Time 30' 30"
Definition/Color Color
Genre Fiction
It's the first trip together for a couple that has been dating for about six months. To get out of boredom, a guy demands for new kind of excitement from his girlfriend and 'not she' but 'she' ends up 'hitchhiking' himself.
CHOI Jin-sung
• 뻑큐멘터리-박통진리교 FuckUmentary (2001)
• 그들만의 월드컵 The World Cup of their own (2002)
• 행복한 청소년 건강한 대한민국 Happy Youth Healthy Korea (2002)
• 에로틱 번뇌 보이 Erotic Chaos Boy (2005)
• 이상,한가역반응 Lee-Sang’s Strange Reversible Reaction (2011)